East-West Healing Arts is a holistic healing community, dedicated to providing a safe, respectful environment for patients to discover the tremendous power of the body's innate wisdom and healing potential.

East-West Healing Arts practitioners offer an elegant integration of Eastern and Western healing modalities, recognizing the incredible benefits that can be achieved through this complementary approach.


  • Acknowledge the Oneness and interconnectedness of all things; honoring the uniqueness of each moment and individual
  • Listen for the sake of promoting reunion with inner strength and spirit; cultivating wisdom by letting go of assumptions, expectations and emotions that limit possibility
  • Create a world view that shifts challenge into opportunity and crisis into growth for the sake of the common good
  • Partner through language and presence, nurturing meaningful relationships and facilitating collaboration
  • Cultivate an environment for ongoing learning for ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients, which is rooted in nature and timeless wisdom. Our space is a place of community, social support, and retreat for all who enter

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