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The East-West Healing Arts Logo was created by Megan Gordon-Hall RN, M.Ac., one of the founding partners of this group of Registered Nurse, Acupuncturists. The logo is comprised of two elements: a bamboo shoot set in a green earth tone and the Chinese radical, sheng, encircled in yellow like the sun.

In the written language, Chinese symbols are called characters. Each character contains a radical or a sign, which indicates meaning and a phonetic which suggests how the character is to be pronounced. The written language has evolved from its earlier pictorial roots to a standardized form. Not all ideas can be written in simple pictures, so the Chinese have developed other symbols to represent ideas, and sometimes combine them to create new ideas.

The East-West Healing Arts logo incorporates the 100th radical, sheng. Its meaning refers to a "plant that grows more and more" (Phonetic series 154/ Etymological Lesson79 /Wieger), perhaps like the beloved bamboo. By extension sheng implies: to bear forth, to spring to life, to come forth, to give birth, to give life, to live. This specific radical was used in the logo to symbolize the creative healing and regeneration which can manifest through the course of acupuncture treatment. It is the desire of East-West Healing Arts to support spiritual and emotional growth and to help the individual actualize a life full of health and abundance.

The bamboo plant is an image richly steeped in Chinese art, culture and philosophy. Like the pictographic written language of China with simple brush strokes embodying a multitude of meanings, bamboo also has a unique symbolic history and significance. The relationship between the bamboo, language, and culture is deepened further since the bamboo is the tool used to create the artful Chinese symbols. Short stems of bamboo are perhaps most familiar as the stems of the Chinese brush, used in China both for painting and for writing. Less familiar is the Chinese pen, a simple stem of bamboo with its end carved as a nib. The bamboo then is associated with learning, scholarship and communication.

Bamboo is a treasured natural resource in China. This versatile plant is said to have ten thousand uses. Bamboo leaves and shoots are used for food, while its stems can be utilized as building material for houses, furniture, musical instruments, and various other practical and spiritual items. Thus, the many uses of the bamboo plant in feeding, sheltering and entertaining the people are identified with the virtues of service, strength and fortitude.

Bamboo represents the ideal scholar: upright, humble, and strong, yet flexible. Bamboo was considered the emblem of the perfect gentleman, who kept his virtue pure and his emotions in check; like a bamboo stalk, he kept his inner self empty and untroubled. As the quickly-growing evergreen plant is strong and resilient and able to right itself after life's storms and adversity, Chinese have compared fair, straightforward, sincere people of high spiritual qualities to bamboo. It is a symbol of endurance and longevity.

Traditional Oriental belief holds that a bamboo grove restores calmness and stimulates creativity. It is also believed to be a favorite dwelling place of the Buddha. In Chinese philosophy the straight stem of bamboo symbolizes the path toward enlightenment, the segmental lines in the stem being the steps along the way. Many Chinese legends and fairytales take place in bamboo groves. It is where lovers meet, scholars think and poets and painters are inspired. Bamboo is used in every traditional garden for its beauty and the rustling sound of its leaves is said to word off evil influences.

Together, the bamboo image and the 100th radical, sheng, are incorporated into the logo of East-West Healing Arts to symbolize our ideals and principals. Like the bamboo grove, we will offer you a place for healing and regeneration; a place where calmness, strength, and resilience can be restored; a place of inspiration, where you can spring to life more fully in service to yourself, your family, and your community. We offer our logo as a beacon, guiding our mutual journey of growth and spiritual enlightenment.

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